Chateau de Versailles

Mini Scented Candle Chapelle Royal


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This candle is directly inspired by the world of the Palace of Versailles. The scented Palace of Versailles candle is handmade in the purest tradition of French candle-makers. The glass bowl is made by master glassworkers.

The Royal Chapel was one of the key places in the life of the very Christian kings who lived at Versailles. As well as daily Mass, the religious celebrations that punctuated the life of the royal family were held here: baptisms, weddings, etc. This Chapel is the fifth to have been built in the Palace. The earlier ones proved too small to hold all the courtiers who thronged there.


Dimensions: 7cm height x 5.5cm diameter
Fragrance: Church Incense
Weight: 120g 
Burn time 25 hours

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