Chateau de Versailles

Mini Scented Candle Galerie des Glace


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This candle is directly inspired by the world of the Palace of Versailles. The scented Palace of Versailles candle is handmade in the purest tradition of French candle-makers. The glass bowl is made by master glassworkers.

The famous Hall of Mirrors is without a doubt the most photographed room in the Royal Estate of Versailles. The splendour of its mirrors and lights and the magnificent paintings on the vaulted ceilings, where Le Brun depicts the assumption of power by Louis XIV, fully justify this keen interest. However, the Hall was not in the original plans that Le Vau put to Louis XIV for expanding the Palace. In the original set of buildings created by the architect, there was a long terrace where the Hall of Mirrors now stands, but obviously, due to the weather, this did not last long. 


Dimensions: 7cm height x 5.5cm diameter
Fragrance: Amber, Vanilla
Weight: 120g 
Burn time 25 hours

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